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Manny Monday – Wimbledon Arena

Produced by Stewart Villain (of Soar Losers)
Directed by Young Visionary –
Twitter: @MannyMonday @StewartVillain @youngxvisionary

Drake – Draft Day (Alexander Devine reDesign)

I decided to reDesign the Drake song Draft Day after finding a DIY acapella from The vocal sample is still prevalent in the acapella so the track had to be built around it.

Artwork by Alexander Wright
Guitar by Ryan Cutsforth

Dave Grohl on Off Camera – Advice to Aspiring Musicians

Dave Grohl gives advice to advice to up and coming musicians. You gotta be good. You gotta be badass.

SZA feat. Kendrick Lamar – Babylon

While SZA is starting to sound the same on every song TDE has released, something about her vocal texture keeps me checking for more songs from her camp.

Bryan-Michael Cox Gives Inspirational Advice; Teddy Riley; Quincy Jones (Part 3 & 4)

Bryan-Michael Cox speaks on having 9 Grammys, inspirations, advice from Jermaine Dupri, gives advice to everyone.

The Neighbourhood & Kitten at the Roseland

NBHD Photo by Ellie O’Brien

On April 3rd, at the Roseland Theater LA based indy bands, The Neighbourhood and Kitten, performed along with Born Casual opening as the DJ. After Cruz put me onto the Neighbourhood (NBHD) a few months back I was ready to see them perform live and had never heard of the other two bands before.

Kitten put on an energetic performance with their lead singer Chloe Chaidez doing plenty of jumping, climbing, and crotch grabbing. Dream pop leads and guitar licks with nods to 60′s classic rock. After asking Chloe for some acapellas to redesign their songs, she told me I was hot and wanted me to buy the CD. No such luck I guess on the acapellas.

The Neighbourhood kept with their black and white persona and had their stage setup with white amps and drums. Good light show. Little different to hear the singer on a dynamic mic instead of a studio condenser with reverb. They went through their whole album as well as a few new unreleased songs for an hour long set. One of the people I went to the concert with was the bassists brother’s girlfriend. Music life… Everybody is connected somehow through degrees on separation.

In order to protect my ears, I wore earplugs to the concert. This is something I never have done before as I my youthful ignorance saw it as lame. Truth be told, the earplugs did make the concert sound a lot more lame. I could hear a lot more imperfections and couldn’t really experience the loud volume and energy you get from a live performance. I am glad that I preserved my ears for a few more years though.

Dubble00 – Next Level interview with Dyme-A-Duzin

Ben over at Da-What asked me if I could help edit a rather long interview for his site. It features Dyme-A-Duzin, an artist I wasn’t familiar with until this interview.

Dyme-A-Duzin is part of a new generation of rappers that have done their homework. Although some weren’t even born during the “Golden Age”, their music is truly reminiscent the style that the stubborn hip hop heads dream about. Don’t get it twisted, Dyme-a-Duzin’s, and his group Phony PPL, music is not stuck in past but it certainly has a heavy New York/90s influence. From slang to fashion to his music, Dyme-A-Duzin has always been an innovator and leader; he is looked up to by his peers and is earning more and more respect from his predecessors. It was a pleasure to get to catch up with him to discuss his new music (“White Girl” and Hip Hope), his deal with Puma, being compared to a “young RZA”, the hope for hip hop’s future and more. You can find a transcription here.

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