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Boost Your 2-Track Hip-Hop Mix with Waves Plugins

If you are stuck mixing to a 2-track (stereo beat) in your rap session, here are some tips to help you mix the vocals to the beat.

How to Mix 808’s – Into The Lair #94

Dave Pensado’s assistant engineer Cole Nystrom show’s his method for mixing 808 kick drums inside of a track.

Using Delay As Reverb –

Jay Z’s Engineer, Young Guru (Part 2) – Pensado’s Place #129

Slate Pro Audio: Raven Multi Touch Consoles

Game changers. Slate Pro Audio is pushing music creation in a new direction. Their plugins are great too.

Jay Z’s Engineer, Young Guru – Pensado’s Place #129

MegaMacho: New Kits & Groove Tour!

The PluginGuru goes through the first of THREE updates for MegaMacho Drums. This update adds 101 new MIDI Patterns and 12 new Kits to the library that further enhance MMD with killer DubStep, Trap, HipHop, Pop and Techno Kits and Grooves.

Get the library for $149 at

ARA Audio Random Access: Melodyne in Studio One

Some incredible new technology is being integrated into DAWs software lately. I have used FL Studio and Pro Tools for a about 10 years and have been reluctant to switch. With a new Mac Pro purchase for the studio, I decided it would be time to leave FL Studio and Pro Tools and venture into some inspiring territory from a fresh workflow.

ARA Audio Random Access is a pioneering extension for audio plug-in interfaces such as VST, AU or RTAS. The collaboration with Celemony and Presonus has made it much easier for engineers, producers, and composers to adjust a song’s individual melodies, tempo, and time signature to their heart’s content. In my opinion, Melodyne has always been a leader in time stretching technology and graphical interfacing for pitch adjustments. With the new plugin extension of ARA and the help of the Presonus Studio One software, they have bridged that gap between workflow and system resources. I like to see the future of music making being trailblazed in a way that is satisfying the eager musicians need for efficiency and intuitiveness. Music is something we all love spending hours doing, yet it’s also great to be able to have an idea for a song and so easily jump in and adjust length and pitch of notes for vocalists and instruments alike.

More info at

Manny Marroquin – Shaping the Mix

Reverse Tremolo Effect from Mixing Engineer Alan Branch

Blackbird Studio Tour with John McBride

John McBride—Martina McBride’s husband—walks Fuse through an in-depth tour around Blackbird Studio in Nashville, Tennessee, where everyone from the White Strips to Kings of Leon to Rush has recorded.

Keyboard Shortcuts You Need To Know – Into The Lair #78

Simple yet effective keyboard shortcuts are the secret time saver for all great engineers! Learn how to add these shortcuts to your repertoire and save time while working!

Mixing Console Templates In Your DAW

Speed up your mixing workflow by setting up a console style template for your tracks.


Power Sessions: Chris Lord-Alge (parts 5&6)

In this final installment of the Power Sessions series with mix engineer Chris Lord-Alge, we get to hear a call with studio owner and mix legend Bob Clearmountain as well as hear some advice from CLA on how to make it as a mixer.

Show And Tell Of Sonnox Oxford Inflator

I like to use this on drums as a final touch of limiting instead of something like the L1. Sonnox also makes a limiter that I like to use in conjunction with the L2 as a finalization on tracks.

Power Sessions: Chris Lord-Alge (parts 3&4)

NYC artist/audio engineer Erica Glyn interviews Chris Lord-Alge at Avatar Studios. In Part 3, CLA talks about creating size and impact in his mixes…and how he does it.

In Part 4, they discuss some of the realities facing musicians, mixers and producers in the modern age of singles and MP3s.

“I don’t think I’ve changed my style since my first mix back in the late 70s,” he says. But in what ways does he feel the “lost art of the long listen” has changed the game? And what would he change about today’s music industry?

Master Low End on Stereo Bass Tracks – Into The Lair #77

Dave Pensado shows you how you can get the best sounding low end from stereo bass tracks!

Childish Major On Producing Rocko’s “U.O.E.N.O”

Power Sessions: Chris Lord-Alge (part 1&2)

NYC artist/engineer Erica Glyn interviews world-class mixer Chris Lord-Alge (U2, Green Day, Daughtry) at Avatar Studios in NYC.

In Part 1, CLA takes us back to the beginning…to his NYC roots!

In Part 2, he talks about his never-look-back style of mixing in Studio G at Avatar Studios in an interview with NYC artist/engineer Erica Glyn.

I recommend giving his signature series of Waves plugins a spin on your next mix.

Getting the perfect kick drum sound

In this video, Atlanta Institute of Music recording instructor Randy Hoexter teaches us how to effectively isolate and remove unwanted tones from a prerecorded kick drum audio track. Using subtractive EQ concepts, Randy shows us how to quickly and easily reveal the true fundamental sound of the kick drum in our recordings.

Rico Love – What Is A Producer ???

Rodney Jerkins In The Studio W/ Justin Bieber

Pro Tools vs. Analog Mixing

MPF//TV Promo – Studio Masters

On 24 April 2013 filming began for the Music Producers Forum’s Documentary Series – Studio Masters at the SAE Institute London. In the studio was:

Steven Belgrave – Producer, Mixing Engineer U2
Pete Maher – Mastering Engineer U2
Carlos Lellis Ferreira – Author, Lecturer SAE
Jomar Reyes – Founder Music Producers Forum