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Two Planets – Friday Stereo

Preview track from Two Planets debut album, Alphabeta. After initially working with Alex (aka Also/Dusty Fox) on his Research and Development album, he asked if I would work on the Two Planets project he was putting together. So, we made their new EP, Alphabeta, in a couple months.

Alex Southworth – MC
Ben Caiazza – Trumpet
Grant Sayler – Guitar
Cordero Kingsley – Drums
John Letts – Bass

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Flatline Studios.

Tony Ozier – Dookie Butter ft. Farnell Newton and Chris Turner

Tony Ozier brings a classic amount of funk to this instrumental. From his new instrumental album, Beats Galore vol. 2.

Intro-King and Zane
Farnell Newton-Trumpet and Vocals
Chris Turner- Organ
Dennis Dove- Vocals and Pots & Pans
Arietta Ward and Tamara Stephens- Vocals
Jimmy Russell- Guitar
Tony Ozier- Drums, Bass, Rhodes, Bells and Vocals

Kevin Jeffrey – Gold Chain ft. Rodney Larry

Kevin recently started working with me in the studio and after showing me the direction of his music I was happy to start working with him. On Gold Chain, Kevin and Rodney, express the trap of materialism assisted by live drums from B. Fox. Quietly Loud is his movement.

Mixed and recorded at Flatline Studios.
Produced by Mahlon Rhamie.

Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj – Bang Bang (LoopG Remix)

After finding a video of Loop Genius making a beat using household instruments, I did some further digging and found this upbeat remix of Bang Bang.

From Loop Genius:

When I listened to the acapella, I thought the instrumental behind could have possibly done something like this. This is my own musical mind interpretation of how it would have sounded…

Grace Mitchell – Broken Over You (Hippie Sabotage Remix)

Portland resident Grace Mitchell, remixes her song Broken Over You with an instrumental revamp from Hippie Sabotage.

SmCity – Homeland (Prod. by !llmind)

SmCity’s releases the first leak from his forthcoming album, Empire Falls dropping Dec 3rd. Inspired by the hit television series, SmCity goes behind enemy lines over an ominous !llmind produced banger.

Young Eastlin – #AWBI (Errrbody REMIX – Produced by Nonstop)

Young Eastlin reimagines Yo Gotti’s single, “Errrbody” to express what his lifestyle is like and that what other people think doesn’t worry him. As a self described old soul with cosigns from several respected west coast hip hop artists, Eastlin, plans to manifest his dreams as a recording artist.

Produced by Nonstop (@nonstopdahitman)
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Alexander Devine for Flatline Studios

Will Vance – Lamp Light

Will came by the studio the other day and showed me his music. He has his pulse on the sound of modern dance music. I’m sharing his music so more people can hear it. Head over to his Soundcloud to hear a lot more of his remixes.

JG and Jackie – Everyday I Do (Prod. by Tope)

I had the pleasure of working with Jason and his wife Jackie over the weekend to record and mix two songs they wrote for each other. They decided to make a couple songs as an early Christmas gift to themselves. Helping them realize their gifts was extremely rewarding.

They were open to me working on the songs with them so we came up with this stomp clap idea to make a bridge. Something they could get people to go along with if they performed it in the church.

Amsterdam – The New Alone

Music to wake up to.

Tracks 1, 4, 8, 13 produced by Alexander Devine (aka Terminill)
Tracks 2, 12 produced by Brian Paul Bennett
Tracks 3, 5, 6 produced by TROX
Track 7 produced by Chi Duly
Tracks 9, 16 produced by Goodwill
Tracks 10, 11 produced by Jay Tablet
Track 14 produced by d3velop
Track 15 produced by Classic Material

Photograph by Vanessa Marie
Design by dj100proof

Lone Wolf and Cub – Lone Wolf and Cub


Shao Sosa & Young Nobi are Lone Wolf and Cub, the father/son double edged kitana. Intro produced by Nobi.

Track produced by Jazzper Hop.
Mixed/Mastered at Flatline Studios.

J. Cole – Be Free

Rest in Peace to Michael Brown and to every young black man murdered in America, whether by the hands of white or black. I pray that one day the world will be filled with peace and rid of injustice. Only then will we all Be Free – Cole

Wishyunu – Summer Suit

Synth and drum combo band Wishyunu is from Portland and provide some down tempo electronic vibes on Summer Suit.

Written and recorded by Wishyunu
Produced by Jeremy Sherrer

Purse Candy – Messiah

A funky tune from Portland group Purse Candy. I went and met a member of the PDX licensing team at Marmoset, Tim Shrout, and noticed that he had also worked on this song.

Recorded in Portland, OR at Marmoset Studios, Jalopy, and Purse Candy’s home studio by Matthew Ellis, Rob Dennler and Tim Shrout.
Mixed by Andrew Rodriquez at Permanent Sunset studios in San Francisco, CA
Mastered by Rob Dennler at Marmoset Studios in Portland, OR

Produced by Matthew Ellis

Matthew Ellis: Synths, Guitar, Percussion, Vocals.
Ron Lewis: Drums
Evan Bridges: Synths
Phillipe Bronchtein: Saxophone

Music and lyrics by Matthew Ellis

Mo – Walk This Way (School Remix)

School sent me this and while I had never heard of Mo and her music, I like the energy that his remix brings to the song.

Kehlani – Get Away & Lock It Up (Prod. by Jahaan Sweet)

I found Kehlani from some random twitter retweet about the protesting going on in Ferguson. After following her online trail to her Soundcloud, I was pleasantly surprised to find her music.

Dre C ft. Manny Monday – Top Of The World (Prod. by Trox)

I worked with Dre and Manny on this new Trox produced tune a couple weeks ago. Made a few arrangement tweaks and added some sound fx to compliment Manny’s verse. While there is no chorus, a moody sample comes inbetween the verses to absorb their words.

C Plus – 25 (Prod. by Trox)

C Plus is from Sacramento. Him and Trox team up on a song about his life and aspirations as an artist.

Champagne Duane ft. Champagne James, Champagne Tane & Elin Skei – Pink Champagne (Prod. by Cee Goods)

There are three champagne rappers in Portland — Duane, James, and Tane. Producer Cee Goods got them all to jump on his soulful production to do a song about celebrating life and libation with a party chorus from Elin Skei.

Mixed and mastered at Flatline Studios.

Champagne Duane ft. Keem G – Killin Em (Prod. by Jack Vlassic)

I have been working with Duane for about six months on his new album doing recording and mixing. With his new release, Killin Em, Duane grabs Keem G over a Jack Vlassic instrumental for a braggadocio verse while he fills the middle of a song with a message about ignorance.

Has-Lo & Castle – Stubborn Vice

Mello Music Group provides music for the soul, from the heart of American culture, opening the realm of the intelligent Hiphop experience through melodic evocations, beats that corroborate the truth, and voices that roar above the rising void and impose order on the terrible & triumphant moments of everyday life. This is the compelling sound of Mello Music Group.

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Theoretics – Sunsets Feat. Grynch & Afrok

Music by Theoretics (Ben Krulewitch, Adam Gross, Cameron Peace, Art Brown, Birch Pereira), Lyrics by Grynch & Afrok.

Cover by Andrew Savoie

Ben Krulewitch, Rhodes
Adam Gross, Drums, Programming
Art Brown, Alto Saxophone
Birch Pereira, Electric Bass
Cameron Peace, Guitar, Noise effects

Mic Capes – No More (Amen) (Produced by Lex Royale)

From Mic —

Today is my birthday so I decided to drop the second single off of my upcoming sophmore project “Concrete Dreams”. “No More (Amen)” is produced by Lex Royale and mixed and mastered by Dan Lafferman of Booty N Bass studios. This is for my dreamers who stay determined to reach their goals no matter how big the obstacles are or how bad the situation may be. The most important thing is while going after these goals, we always keep faith. Enjoy! #WeOverMe

Rocky Sandoval feat. Cally Reed – Waste My Time (prod. by Tha Bizness)