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|SOS| – Youth In Decline

I was able to work with SOS this past week on some of their album to get it ready for remixing. Their project is going to be great.

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The Weeknd – Often

Joseph – Native Dreamer Kin

JOSEPH IS: A band of three sisters from the beautiful Pacific Northwest. JOSEPH IS: Honest words and genetically perfected harmonies. JOSEPH IS: Native. Dreamer. Kin.

Purchase the album on their Bandcamp.

Friends of Wacks :: Chi Duly

It’s been two years since Chi Duly’s Balloons of Haus, the remix album that did victory laps around the internet with a cosign from The Weeknd himself. In what he deemed house music for the ‘I hate techno’ crowd, Duly’s remix approach laid a broad blueprint for the next several years. With an arsenal of remixes on deck, album co-production credits on the upcoming Shadows on Stars project, and a followup to Balloons of Haus due late summer, the pot is bubbling over. Join Chi on this 22 track house party bridging deep house with rap and R&B. Because theres only so much time left until puts out a deep house pop album and destroys everything.

Luck-One ft. Rodney B. & Dizz – Questions (Prod. by Sir Chamberlain)

luck one - questions

“Over a dynamic instrumental from Sir Chamberlain, Luck waxes philosophical on the questions that have plagued the minds of great thinkers since the dawn of time. The thoughtful rhymes are balanced out by rich vocals from Rodney and Dizz, adding the perfect compliment to an already lush sounded.”

OneRepublic – Love Runs Out

VIBE (C.Young X Rossy) – Hotz 4 Me

Hotz 4 Me is the lead single from VIBE’s upcoming album “Chameleon”

Produced/arranged by: Rossy
Background vocals by: Amanda Mercedes

Catch more of VIBE:

Shao Sosa ft. Luck-One – Bomb On My Chest

Shao Sosa grabs Luck-One for a politically charged performance. Mixed by Flatline Studios.