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Sam Lingle Films 2014 Production Reel

After having produced 40 music videos and starting his own film production company, Sam Lingle has established himself as a go to creative for taking an artist’s music and adding a cinematic quality to the videos.

Dusty Fox ft. Rufus Smalltownz & Mat Randol – Flock of Peacocks

“Hindus revere peacocks, they draw the chariot of Kartik, God of war. Peacocks are reputed to be snake killers; the feet that dance in
courtship can also stamp in battle!”

Jungtelly Presents:

‘Flock of Peacocks’
Shot, directed, and edited by Sam J. Lingle (
Track produced by GV$PVR (
Recoded Engineered & Mixed by M. Randol

Will Vance – Lamp Light

Will came by the studio the other day and showed me his music. He has his pulse on the sound of modern dance music. I’m sharing his music so more people can hear it. Head over to his Soundcloud to hear a lot more of his remixes.

JG and Jackie – Everyday I Do (Prod. by Tope)

I had the pleasure of working with Jason and his wife Jackie over the weekend to record and mix two songs they wrote for each other. They decided to make a couple songs as an early Christmas gift to themselves. Helping them realize their gifts was extremely rewarding.

They were open to me working on the songs with them so we came up with this stomp clap idea to make a bridge. Something they could get people to go along with if they performed it in the church.

PropaneLv – Too Gone (Prod. by D. Shuts)

“Too Gone” is the newest video from Propane’s 2nd album entirely produced and engineered by D.Shuts. Mac Shoop takes Propane and Shuts song and adds a level of warmth to the music that invites you into just what Propane has been hoping to actualize with his music career. He knows he has a commercial sound. He can write the records and Shuts can produce and mix them. The sunshine and trees of Oregon gives the viewer a sense that Propane is just a normal person like everyone else, but his time is coming to be a big music star.

Video by Mac Shoop & Matty Tolkin.

Suicide Squeeze available 10/14. Preorder:

Amsterdam – The New Alone

Music to wake up to.

Tracks 1, 4, 8, 13 produced by Alexander Devine (aka Terminill)
Tracks 2, 12 produced by Brian Paul Bennett
Tracks 3, 5, 6 produced by TROX
Track 7 produced by Chi Duly
Tracks 9, 16 produced by Goodwill
Tracks 10, 11 produced by Jay Tablet
Track 14 produced by d3velop
Track 15 produced by Classic Material

Photograph by Vanessa Marie
Design by dj100proof

Lone Wolf and Cub – Lone Wolf and Cub


Shao Sosa & Young Nobi are Lone Wolf and Cub, the father/son double edged kitana. Intro produced by Nobi.

Track produced by Jazzper Hop.
Mixed/Mastered at Flatline Studios.

Raury – Cigarette Song


I was told by a friend that I had to play a game on his website to download this new artist’s music. It intrigued me and I tried it out this morning. After attempting the game a few times, I dug deeper to find out about this artist, Raury, from East Atlanta. He’s 17. He’s individualistic. He appears to stand up as a voice of the younger generation that has grown up with world wide access to information.

Taken from Noisey interview: I’m not really here to fit into these other types of music. I’m here to break open my own lane. Because I see what’s going on – the predominantly club or hip-hop type sounds – but I know a whole circle, 30 or 50 kids, that would rather go and hit a bonfire than hit the club. That would rather go to the High Art Museum all day and go look at cool shit than get drunk and wasted. And then we can go to the club the next day. The kids nowadays are so open to everything else. Even at my high school, everybody knows who Bon Iver or King Krule or people like that are. These kids, they’re bored with the same stuff.

I always wanted to be that kind of artist where you can listen to it and think “thank god this person exists. Thank god you can listen to this kind of music now.” The kind of thing that you can just identify with it.

Directed by Andrew Donoho and Carlon Ramong
Written by Carlon Ramong
Download the Indigo Child album HERE

J. Cole – Be Free

Rest in Peace to Michael Brown and to every young black man murdered in America, whether by the hands of white or black. I pray that one day the world will be filled with peace and rid of injustice. Only then will we all Be Free – Cole

Dirty Revival – Problems (in studio)

Dirty Revival is becoming notorious for their unique ability to excite and entertain their audience with everything from catchy original tunes to danceable ‘90s hip-hop and R&B to unforgettable ‘60s and ‘70s funk and soul. Dirty Revival delivers this diverse mix of genres with their own distinct style that’s dynamic, gritty and…well…dirty. The group performs with eight or more Portland musicians, complete with keys, horns and choreographed back-up singers. As the heart and soul of the group, Sarah Clarke, The Lady of DRC drives the dirty with arresting and passionate vocals that evoke the attitude and versatility of the timeless altos of yesterday’s soul. The members of Dirty Revival fused in a flurry of shows and rehearsals, and they kept growing until the recipe was just right.

In this clip, Dirty Revival does a live rendition of Problems in an unnamed studio.

Visit for more info on upcoming performances and music releases.