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Amsterdam – The New Alone

Music to wake up to.

Tracks 1, 4, 8, 13 produced by Alexander Devine (aka Terminill)
Tracks 2, 12 produced by Brian Paul Bennett
Tracks 3, 5, 6 produced by TROX
Track 7 produced by Chi Duly
Tracks 9, 16 produced by Goodwill
Tracks 10, 11 produced by Jay Tablet
Track 14 produced by d3velop
Track 15 produced by Classic Material

Photograph by Vanessa Marie
Design by dj100proof

Amsterdam – Avarice

New mixtape from my friend Amsterdam. Quality production from Hippie Sabotage and Apollo Brown on this.

Amsterdam ft. Bank Sinatra – All Or Nothing (Prod. by Goodwill)

Amsterdam has a new project set for release called Heroes Eventually Die. This track features his Top Shelf team mate, Bank Sinatra, and is produced by go to soul produced, Goodwill. Recorded/Mixed by Flatline Studios.

Amsterdam and Goodwill – Earth and Sky

New music from Oregon MC, Amsterdam, and Washington producer, Goodwill, dropped today for Valentines today for free download. Graphics by dj100Proof. Mixed/Mastered by Flatline Studios. | | |


Amsterdam ft. Middle – Living It Up (produced by Goodwill)

The first single was released today from Amsterdam and Goodwill’s collaborative project entitled Earth and Sky.  Middle, the other half of Amsterdam’s group, Top Shelf, guest stars on the second half.  While Amsterdam and Goodwill have worked together extensively in the past, Earth & Sky certainly represents a sharp change in creative direction for the two artists. At the heart of the collaboration was a steadfast determination to bring a “feel-good” vibe to a region mostly known for overcast weather & a relatively dreary musical landscape.  “It all starts with Will, his beats are the foundation. He’s the Earth part of the equation. The tangible. The lyrics are just a part of my imagination I’m unable to otherwise control. The sky stretches for as far as the eye can see and may even be moodier than I am, so in a way I guess my delivery represents that mercurial nature, that unpredictability.”

Earth and Sky will be available for download 2.14.12.  Click the cover to download the track. Recorded/Mixed at Flatline Studios.



Amsterdam – Ice Queen

Standout track I produced on Amsterdam’s 2008 second solo project, The Good Hurt.  True story in the lyrics as evident by the voicemail at the end.  Currently in the studio with Amsterdam working on his new album, Its Not You Its Me. For more of Amsterdam, check his mixtape with Middle, that I produced (see Say Nike ft. Mistah Fab) on and mixed, under the group Top Shelf entitled Love Rap here.

Amsterdam - The Good Hurt

Northe’n Lights – Cut ‘Em or Pay ‘Em

Cut ‘Em or Pay ‘Em is a compilation project I dropped back in January with fellow Portland producer Sonny.  We sat down with a goal to put out a product showcasing the talent the Northwest had to offer over our varied production styles.  At 18 tracks, we weren’t able to fit all the people onto the disc that we wanted to, but we did get quite the roster.  Outside appearances include Playboy Tre (Atlanta) and Punchline (NYC).  Click the cover art for the Itunes link and listen to some preview tracks below. Go to for a physical copy.  Everything mixed and recorded by me at Flatline Studios.


Punchline ft. Toni Hill – Let It Rain

Destro – Keep Doin

Kenny Mack – Cop Cars

Element (Second Family) and Knuckles – Grand Theft Audio

Grynch, Amsterdam, Middle, and Reed Thomas Lawrence – All My Life

John Public – Re-Gifted: Thrift Shop Experience

Worked with Public on various features for Amsterdam (Top Shelf) and solo endeavors.  He has dropped his long awaited debut, Re-Gifted: Thrift Shop Experience on us.  Public has released a few projects in the past (Thrift Shop Experience, NahMean: The Mixtape), but considers this to be his official debut.  “Re-Gifted” borrows the latter part of it’s title from the original 2008 release, but also gives a nod to Seinfeld and Public’s own personal fashion tastes.

As he explains it, the metaphor of the thrift shop: “Think of it like each item in a thrift shop has a story.  When a person takes that item home, they buy into it’s past, so to speak; I see any conversation where stories are shared or people get a little open to be the same thing – a thrift shop experience.  You’re buying into what I’m saying and vice versa.  A thrift shop experience is something we’ve held, used, or re-told and now, for all intents and purposes, shared.  It’s your story and the way that you tell it.  How all that happens is at the core of this record.

I produced the title track, “Thrift Shop Experience”.  Other production duties handled by M-Phazes, Oddisee, 6th Sense, and more.  Click the picture for the download link from  Help support his 2011 tour by visiting | |

John Public_Regifted Cover