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Jordan Leno – TwentyThree

7 song instrumental album from producer Jordan Leno.

Hippie Sabotage – Bust Em Down (Video)

Hippie Sabotage released their first video “Bust’ em Down” from their instrumental tape Vacants. The video is directed by Aris Jerome and creates a visual representation of the diverse sound selection on Vacants. Hot girls and puppy dogs. Something for everyone.

Download Vacants | Follow Hippie Sabotage on Twitter.

Reign State and Plug The Producer Vol. 2

Reign State had an opportunity to place a track on Sarah J’s Plug The Producer series hosted by DJ Pain 1 and Track is called Stupid Money.

P.M.O – La La La x Pure Bread (instrumentals)

Two new ones from P.M.O.

Ty Weathers – Evergreen (instrumental)

New edgy rock sounding instrumental from Ty Weathers.

Terminill – Georgia Landstone (instrumental)

Terminill – Snowfall Subbin (instrumental)

Reign State – Raw Paper (instrumental)

P.M.O – Progress (instrumental)

The Latest

Lock Out

Dr Term w/Farnell Newton (horns)


New Instrumentals for June

Been too long since I uploaded any beats online.  Some recent stuff.

Flatline Studios Commercial

Flatline Studios located in Portland, OR takes you from the studio to the stage with Northwest hip-hop recording artist, Luck-One as he records a new song and goes directly afterwards to perform at in front of a packed crowd.

Directed/Edited by V1 Creative.


Beat update…

Been working on doing a lot of custom stuff so finding the time to post up available beats as been not as frequent.  Here is some latest stuff I’ve been working on, some of the custom tracks are included as well.