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Friends of Wacks :: Chi Duly

It’s been two years since Chi Duly’s Balloons of Haus, the remix album that did victory laps around the internet with a cosign from The Weeknd himself. In what he deemed house music for the ‘I hate techno’ crowd, Duly’s remix approach laid a broad blueprint for the next several years. With an arsenal of remixes on deck, album co-production credits on the upcoming Shadows on Stars project, and a followup to Balloons of Haus due late summer, the pot is bubbling over. Join Chi on this 22 track house party bridging deep house with rap and R&B. Because theres only so much time left until puts out a deep house pop album and destroys everything.

Boyz II Men – On Bended Knee (Chi Duly Edit)

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Chi Duly delivers his 90’s school dance classic edit.

Justin Timberlake – Music return? (Video)

New music coming from Justin Timberlake after some Hiatus. I felt like his best work was wed with Timberland’s production. It will be interesting to see what he plans to release as well as the collaborators on the project. Also, enjoy this Chi Duly remix of Rock You Body.

Ry and Frank Wiedemann – Howling (Chi Duly Edit)

Duncan Sheik – Shout (Tears for Fears Cover – Chi Duly Remix) ft. Rachael Yamagata

Duncan dropped a new album last week on Sneaky Records/MRI called Covers 80s Remixed. The album features Samantha Ronson, El-P, Skylar Grey, Terry Urban and a bunch of other dope artists and producers. Chi Duly produced the first track, “Shout” a chill but neck snapping, mid-tempo electronic piece. Shout became the first single and it’s currently making radio rounds on the adult contemporary circuit.

“Duncan’s manager got ahold of me through my awesome friend Terry Urban to produce a new version of his Tears for Fears cover. For this new version of Shout, I aimed for electro while still retaining the original Tears for Fears vibe. Seeing as electro was born in the 80′s, it wasn’t much of a stretch.”
-Chi Duly

Rick Ross – Hold Me Back (Chi Duly Remix)

Just in time for Halloween, Chi puts a nice spooky flip on Ross’ ode to not being held down by anyone.

TMT – StoneFace (Beat Tape)

About six months ago I was ready to launch TMT,  my artist management and development company to help bring some new talent to the forefront of Portland and abroad.   After signing and working with Reign State, PMO, and Chi Duly, I’ve put together this beat tape to showcase their distinct skill sets as producers.  At the same time, this beat tape is a way for me to express myself as an artist with the arrangement through their music and how it relates to my personal life. Click the cover to download or stream below. Graphics designed by Alex Wright.

Mick Boogie & HYPETRAK – Represent The Stripes (Inspired by Adidas Originals)

TMT producer, Chi Duly, lands the opening track to Mick Boogie’s and Hypetrak’s homage compilation to Adidas Originals with On Cue weaving in between Chi’s 90’s flip instrumental.

Terry Urban Presents Nas & Amy Winehouse – ‘Me & Mr Jones’

Nas and Amy Winehouse remixes. Wish these two could have worked more together before Amy passed. Check for Hip Hop Tears and Thug Love, both produced by TMT producer, Chi Duly.

Chi Duly – California (instrumental x California Love Edit)

Instrumental for Chi Duly’s edit to California Love as well as the track itself.

Chi Duly – Veldt of Mercy

Take Deadmau5/Chris James and Kanye/Big Sean/2Chainz’ Mercy record, blend them together, and you have Chi Duly’s latest edit. Mercy originally produced by Lifted.


The Weeknd – Balloons of Haus (Chi Duly Remixes)

Balloons of Haus is house music for the “I’m not really into techno” folks. It’s uptempo but more to the point (free of those minute long intros/breakdowns of arbitrary ambience). The concept was born of my interest in bringing The Weeknd’s vibe to a DJ set. He’s talking about what every other artist you hear in the club is talking about except he’s artistic, emotionally believable. The Weeknd’s subject matter is already club friendly. The pace however was only bedroom friendly. My project still retains that laid back, mellow uptempo R&B vibe but picks up on a harder electro vibe with the Dirty Diana remix. It’s all around a very diverse range of house music genres.

Chi Duly – Call Me Calvin (Chi Duly Edit)

TMT producer, Chi Duly, just dropped a dope mash up of Carly Rae Jepsen’s vocals over instrumentals from a few Calvin Harris tracks. Also, check out the write up in the Huffington Post.

Luck-One – Sounds of my City (video)

Portland native/Seattle resident Luck-One represents for the 503 fully. Produced by Chi Duly. Mixed by Flatline Studios. Mastered by Redsecta Mastering.

Luck-One – Sounds of My City

Fresh off releasing the True Theory Outtakes, Luck-One brings us his ode to Portland from his forthcoming project, True Theory, entitled “Sounds of My City” (produced by Chi Duly).  I had a great time mixing this whole project and can’t wait til he releases it so everyone gets to hear it.  Also, look out for the song I produced, “Monotheism”, when it drops with the rest of the project in March. |

Sounds of My City (produced by Chi Duly)