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Young Eastlin – D.I.M.V

NewAgeMusicGroup/PremiumLifeStyleLLC. Presents Young Eastlin’s First leak off his well anticipated Mixtape H.G.P (HustleGrindPursuin) entitled Deeper Into My Vision. I have been working with Eastlin for about 3 years now and have seen him put in a lot of work on his music. He is currently working on a couple new projects.

Shot/Directed by Kan Jones/Aktiveity Media!

Adrian Marcel – 2AM (PropaneLv Remix ft. T. Spoon)

Keeping the pace with his ability to tap into relevant remixes, Propane delivers a spot on rendition of Adrian Marcel and Sage The Gemini’s, 2AM, with his own accompaniment. He also grabs T. Spoon to put some punchlines on the track. Propane just recently announced his new album, Suicide Squeeze, would be out 10/14.
Download MP3:

Edited by Colin Landforce
Mixed by D. Shuts

Flyrt Reyonlds – Garden Beats

I was able to contribute some additional production to this instrumental tape for Flyrt with Ryan Cutsforth on the bass. The project is a cool drink of static for a Saturday afternoon in the cosmos. See more info on the tape here: interview with Dyme-A-Duzin

Ben over at Da-What asked me if I could help edit a rather long interview for his site. It features Dyme-A-Duzin, an artist I wasn’t familiar with until this interview.

Dyme-A-Duzin is part of a new generation of rappers that have done their homework. Although some weren’t even born during the “Golden Age”, their music is truly reminiscent the style that the stubborn hip hop heads dream about. Don’t get it twisted, Dyme-a-Duzin’s, and his group Phony PPL, music is not stuck in past but it certainly has a heavy New York/90s influence. From slang to fashion to his music, Dyme-A-Duzin has always been an innovator and leader; he is looked up to by his peers and is earning more and more respect from his predecessors. It was a pleasure to get to catch up with him to discuss his new music (“White Girl” and Hip Hope), his deal with Puma, being compared to a “young RZA”, the hope for hip hop’s future and more. You can find a transcription here.

Director of Columbia District works with Flatline Studios

Had the pleasure of doing the recording and mixing for the jazz instrumentals used in this film. Jordan Cruz, who also works at Flatline, did all recording for the voice overs and Foley sound effects. He also mixed down all the audio for the whole film.

Columbia District is a generational story that follows Sheldon, a young man filled with self doubt, obsession and anger. After losing his father to an unknown illness Sheldon becomes possessive of his fathers old negatives reprinting them over and over again. Sheldon’s father was a photographer for Natural Explorer magazine and would take Sheldon and his brother to the beach to take pictures. Hallucinations transport Sheldon to a waterfall his father used to take him to during a session with a thearapist. Sheldon’s separation from reality develops further as he isolates himself to the darkroom deepening his obsession with his fathers work. PDX JAZZ Radio DJ and host of the Columbia District radio program, Bennessy on the Rocks narrates Sheldon’s day giving us insight into his brothers day-to-day activities and beliefs.

Directed by Nick Caiazza
Music written by Ben Caiazza
Music recorded/mixed by Alexander Devine at Flatline Studios
Foley, Voiceover, and Mixdown by Jordan Cruz at Flatline Studios

Covae’ – The Product and recording with Flatline Studios

Shots from the session of Covae’s song release, The Product (Originally produced by Jake One from the The Stimulus Package). Download link.

Cassow – All Or Nothing (Video)

With All Or Nothing, Cassow releases, what I think, to be his greatest video thus far. The wandering camera and smoke put you into the feel off the fluttering melodies of the music. Directed by v1creative. Beat produced by Dave Notti. Mixed/Recorded by Flatline Studios.

LMC – White Girl Wasted (Nicky Mason Remix)

LMC taps producer Nicky Mason to remix her single about partying and be Caucasian. Mixed by Flatline Studios.

Bank Sinatra – Dont Hassle Me, I’m Local

Bank Sinatra (Top Shelf) just released his first solo mixtape. With his smooth lyricism and an electic taste in production, it’s worth checking out. Mixed/Recorded at Flatline Studios. Click the photo to download.

Quiz Zilla – The Day Before 2morrow

New project from Flatline Studios artist, Quiz Zilla. Features J-Rome, M80, Money, Vamp, 9DM, and Johnny Blaze. Production from Johnny Juliano, Goodwill, and Terminill. All tracks Mixed/Recorded/Mastered by Flatline Studios except It’s Love.

Click the cover to download or stream below.

Flatline Studios and Dot Connectors

Flatline Studios and is pleased to announce a partnership with Dot Connectors.

Dot Connectors is a full service agency that can provide you with marketing, advertising, music licensing, social media, event production, product placement, PR, and more.

Ran by Tom Bacon, Erik Abel, and Leigh Feldman, Dot Connectors is bridging the gap between brands, labels, artists, and consumers.

Check out the video of Timeless: A Suite For Ma Dukes put together by Dot Connectors co-founder, Tom Bacon. Produced by Mochilla.

Flatline Studios Compilation Vol. 1 (coming soon)

Mighty – Punchin’

New single from BET 106 & Park Wild Out Wednesday winner, Mighty, off his upcoming album One Way Ticket. Check his video and BET performance below.

Directed by V1 Creative | Produced by Sol Eternity |

Silver Medallion – Cigarette Paradise

New Silver Medallion mix done by Flatline Studios.

Jon Belz – Who Am I

Belz gives you his take over Black Milk’s “Sound of the City” off his upcoming mixtape Illust Rious Vol 1. Recorded at Flatline Studios.

Jon Belz – Who Am I (produced by Black Milk)

New Instrumentals for June

Been too long since I uploaded any beats online.  Some recent stuff.

Cassow – Freshmen 2011 Video

Portland artist, Cassow delivers visuals to go with his acapella. Recorded at Flatline Studios. Directed by Paulius Kontijevas.

Terminill and We Out Here Magazine

Check the recent write up by on Flatline Studios.

Mac Smiff – Never Change ft. Michael Whitmore

An ode to timelessness, Never Change is the first official solo release from Seventh Science emcee Mac Smiff. The exclusive track is the first of several independent releases prefacing his upcoming project, The Black Collar Movement, and features Doo Doo Funk All-Stars’ vocalist, Michael Whitmore. The song was produced by WHP and mixed by Terminill at Flatline Studios.
Mac Smiff - Never Change cover

Mac Smiff ft. Michael Whitmore – Never Change

Flatline Studios Commercial

Flatline Studios located in Portland, OR takes you from the studio to the stage with Northwest hip-hop recording artist, Luck-One as he records a new song and goes directly afterwards to perform at in front of a packed crowd.

Directed/Edited by V1 Creative.