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White Tiger (Prod by. Hippie Sabotage)

New instrumental along with some diced female vocals to ride to from Hippie Sabotage.

DJ Never Sleeps – Run It

This trap instrumental came across my SoundCloud stream and I’m glad that it did. The drums snap and the track never gets old before something new happens.

P.M.O – Lost In Translation (instrumental)

I hear 50 cent all over this.

Crosswalks to Nowhere

The sample I used to create this track has this very ethereal quality to it and I wanted to create a track for introspection from a lyricist.

PMO – Neo’s Soul (instrumental)

P.M.O – Moonlit Massacre (instrumental)

New smooth filtered soul track from P.M.O

Reign State – Lies of Truth (instrumental)

Heavy brass and organs is what Reign State does best and that’s exactly what they do here.

P.M.O – Sinatra (instrumental)

New one from P.M.O.  Real smooth laid back sound that he does best.

Terminill – Georgia Landstone (instrumental)

Ty Weathers – Devin The Dude (instrumental)

Terminill – Blind Date (instrumental)

Terminill – Snowfall Subbin (instrumental)

Reign State – Raw Paper (instrumental)

P.M.O – Progress (instrumental)